Perception of being

We perceive reality subjectively, like a picture, with a double meaning. Kant said that in the pool you can see the dirty water or the stars reflected in it. In the east there is a common example with a rope lying on the ground, mistaken for a snake. Just by finding that there are no snakes, and only a rope in front of us, we are freed from fear. In my opinion, the famous story of the staff of Moses, turning into a snake and back, can be attributed to this series of examples. Our passions, fears, desires and anxieties leave their imprint on our worldview. Meditative practice dispels the negative illusions of the reality we perceive. Just by looking at the world differently, “through the eyes of the wise men,” we discover the “Emerald” reality, like the inhabitants of a magical city from a fairy tale known to each of us since childhood.