There are a couple of stories in the Upanishads, which I want to mention briefly. Two groups of students, conventionally called demonic and sublime, learn from the same teacher, listening to the same words, but understand them completely on different levels. The first - on a rough, physical level; the second - on the sublime, the spiritual.
The way yoga is understood by the majority can be attributed to such a “demonic” simplification of the system created for spiritual self-improvement. It is sad to see how yoga has degraded in the understanding of the masses to the next type of fitness, or tantric sexual orgies.
Another story is about how sublime truths are distorted by "demonic" people. The Upanishad defines it as a kind of "war of gods and demons." Alas, this happens throughout history, in all cultures. Truth is given an unusual, mundane meaning. Spirituality degenerates into an instrument of power, influence, enrichment. This is unacceptable and every sober-minded person understands this.