Krishna son of Devaki

The Mass Unconscious has formed the united image of Krishna.Several archetypes merge in this image: a shepherd capable of great feats; the baby god, touching the mother's heart; the ideal lover who lives among the numerous girlfriends adoring him; great yogi and teacher. All of these are mythological images that have parallels in other religions.

But there is one image that may be associated with a real, historical person. This image is a warlike prince.

In ancient times, in India there lived Krishna, the son of Devaki. He was very courageous, fought for the liberation of his country from the invaders, managed to kill the satrap - the ruler from Percy. This war created a warlike anthem, and there is a theory that he formed the basis of the Gita. 

The heroic song contains the secret of combining spiritual peace and the strategy of victory. In the Gita - the beginning of a coup, a war for power. This philosophy was taken up by the military class. The attitude spread to China and Japan like Zen. Everything that is known today as the path of a warrior is partially based on this war song composed by a courageous philosopher -  fighter, a patriot - Krishna, the son of Devaki.

My homage to the memory of this Adventurer, whoever he really is called in the labyrinths of history.

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