I wondered why the ancient philosophical books are a mixture of philosophy, thriller and fantasy. Philosophy always is framed in some interesting plot. Everywhere we meet higher truths in the form of adventure and action. Warriors, heroes enliven ancient books, like a Hollywood blockbuster.  In my opinion, the authors tried to make their works more popular as possible. Instead of cold words they created masterpieces from the artistic point of view and these works became popular. Our minds have this quality - cold philosophy needs a counterweight in the shape of the plot, characters, tension. Consciousness needs balance. Logic and emotion, pure thoughts and artistic images  are necessary in the synthesis. We take philosophical height better, when imagining conditions in which these thoughts came to authors.
Newton with his Apple, Archimedes in the bath, Buddha under a tree…
We need this. We are not cold machine, and therefore, higher truths absorbed not only with the left logical hemisphere, but also with the right emotional hemisphere too.
I try to balance philosophy in my work in the same way.