"There, outside, this big world, like a huge, eternal mystery"

Einstein lived almost all the time in two realities. Leaving wherever he went, he took a suitcase into which his wife had folded his clothes, and when he returned she brought it, untouched. He simply forgot to change clothes, because his mind was occupied with something else.

Another respected professor, lecturing on the last day of Socrates, took a chalk and drew a plan of ancient Athens on the blackboard. In the course of the lecture, he pointed out exactly where one of the characters lived, he revived the story, transferred the listeners in ancient times.
In my opinion, the inhabitants of ancient Athens did not know their city so well. But when the lecture was over, the servant took this amazing old man by the hand and led him home, the professor himself could not find his home. He lived in a different time, in a different reality.

And even about Socrates himself it is known that he sometimes "fell" out of reality. For example, one day he thought about something while walking, on the street. He stood like a statue for several hours, in meditation. And "returning" to the ordinary reality, was surprised to find the evening, instead of half a day.

One can live in the body in one reality, and in the mind in