Depression (handling)

I want to put it in a simple way, without the deep etymology.
Meditation practice is how to overcome some kind of a mental pain and the suffering that the mind brings to people. It is a disease of mind and can be cured with the help of mental techniques. There is a variety of techniques we can use to change the mental state of mind.

In the West there are many books written about meditation as a technique of training the attention, the development of different qualities of the character such as courage, the ability to influence on others, etc. So this aspect of meditation we will not touch.
We will try to look into the vast archive of knowledge, accumulated by billions of people, by many billions if we look not only in space but in time.
Nothing external can help to heal something that is essentially internal. The melancholy of spirit cannot be defeated by gold or the sounds of applause. And those ones who do not reach all of it in this life, appeared to be happier than the others because they still have an illusion that there is a certain level of wealth, celebrity, power that can help them to be really happy.
Only those who practice meditation come up to the top or born at this level understand that the palaces and servants are not the cure for this.